Rubber molded parts

Rubber molded parts

Most molded rubber are no standard or normal parts, but are developed in close cooperation with our customers for certain functions and then manufactured. They are used in all branches of industry as a buffer, spring elements, gaskets, and much more.

The good properties of rubber allow a wide range of applications. So the parts produced from them are elastic, pressure and abrasion-resistant and mechanically and chemically resistant. The particular conditions of use and the desired function will determine the choice of the material and the nature of the manufacturing process. All known manufacturing methods with their specific characteristics are the basis for our various delivery options.

For the production we use conventional vulcanization with displacement and transfer schemes as well as injection molding. So that we both single, are serial and geared to mass production. We specialize in problem solving. Mixing, production and execution are matched to applications and demands of the user that an economic optimum is reached in production and use.



Due to the viscoelastic material behavior of rubber molded parts for the following functions are particularly suitable: Dampen, Seal, Insulation and protection.


Therefore, the Jäger Group relies on its own materials development for more than 70 years. The specifications drawn up in close cooperation with our customers , we are implementing in customized formulations.

In our laboratory we carry out development for the purpose by the mechanical and dynamic, vulcanizing and processing tests and materials and failure analysis.

For any other analyzes (e.g. fogging measurements or electron microscopy) , we cooperate closely with the German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK) in Hanover.