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Expert know-how for your agricultural machines

The global population is growing, and with it he need for basic foodstuffs. Conversely, the number of farmers is decreasing. Never before in history have so few people supported so many.

That can only continue to succeed into the future with the aid of highly efficient agricultural technology. The Jäger Group is therefore supporting developers, manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural machines with innovative products made from rubber and synthetic materials, for initial equipment and the spare parts market. Jäger is drawing together the appropriate know-how in a special Agricultural Technology Division, with three subsidiaries in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. 

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A wide range of components for agricultural machines

Jäger is concentrating primarily on conveyor systems with innovative rubber fabric belts and, in particular, we are carrying out pioneering work in the development and manufacture of plant-specific sieve rod belts.

Among our things, Jäger's Agricultural Technology Division is offering components for sowing machines and harvesters:

  • Silentium Drive, the silent innovation in combine harvesters
  • Floppy tyres, consisting of rubber tyres and wheel rims
  • Profile rolling elements for the carefull processing of legumes and herb-rich feed
  • Sowing units, consisting of a seed pipe and seed housing
  • Dosing wheels made from very highly abrasion-resistant rubber
  • Conveyor belts and sieve rod belts
  • Power and baling press rollers
  • Light and rubberised load-bearing rollers made from synthetic material
  • Round baler belts
  • Rubber absorbers (moulded cords)
  • Tubes and housepipes
  • Metering discs made from synthetic material, for the precise metering of seed

Highest quality, thanks to dialogue with customers

The agriculture engineering products of Jäger are characterised by innovative design and new features developed in-house. Such new ideas mainly accrue from close dialogue with our customers, because their wishes and requirements are for us the measure of all things. Where components for mechanised sowing and harvesting are concerned, Jäger also guarantees you the highest degree of performance, efficiency, economy and reliability. 

Jäger also has a highly modern in-house forging plant, and subject all products to intensive quality controls during manufacture. Jäger thus ensures functional capability, robustness and a long service life.

Example: The Silentium Drive

The most recent example of the innovative strength of our Agricultural Technology Division is the Silentium drive. This novel conveyor system for combine harvesters was developed by our subsidiary, Broekema Beltway in Minnesota. Its most important component is an especially quiet and smooth-running rubber fabric nubbed belt, which makes these heavy agricultural machines virtually whisper when at work. It is specifically compatible with the shaft hoist systems of all current combine harvester types: they can thus all easily be upgraded with the Silentium drive.

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Are you interested in increasing efficiency in farming in particular through the use of agricultural machines? You have specific requirements for which there is as yet no satisfactory solution? Then you should contact us, because Jäger is always looking for new fields of application for our products. Togehter with Jäger you can make a contribution to greater efficiency in agriculture.