EDI and eBusiness
EDI and eBusiness

The optimization of business processes with our partners is an important concern of Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH. It is not only important to keep the process reliability high - at the same time we also want to reduce response times in the daily business. We achieve these two seemingly conflicting objectives through the use of new technologies: EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and eBusiness.

Communication is everything

Those of us specially created systems and interfaces, as well as central contact on site, ensure that joint projects are actually implemented with our business partners in the reality. We can draw on existing EDI standards, which we can individualize extremely flexible and fast when needed. With such short and targeted projects, we save not only a lot of time together and achieve rapid and measurable success, but they also keep the initial cost of an EDI connection as low as possible.

Connection with our delivery partner

We optimize the entire supply chain: also our suppliers, we offer the possibility via EDI to communicate with us and to rely on the advantage of the electronic exchange of documents. Through many easy to implement solution modules, we also enable suppliers who even do not have such a technique yet. In our role as supply chain manager and producer, we ensure that the resulting advantages will benefit in process safety and speed all the partners involved.

Active Partnership

The exchange of knowledge plays for us in all areas a major role. With many of our partners we "live" in the area of EDI / eBusiness a profitable exchange for both sides on current trends and projects in the ever-evolving environment of process automation. "Industry 4.0" and the "Internet of Things" are all challenges currently facing us. We are convinced that we can cope better and purposeful in this composite and look forward to further cooperation with you.