EPDM - a versatile material

EPDM - A versatile material
A versatile material

More and more, EPDM is becoming established in many application areas. Thus many profiles used in facade engineering and automotive engineering applications are based on the material, EPDM. But this material is also the ideal solution for your tasks when used as a hose or molded part

EPDM is highly resistant to aging, even under UV and ozone stress. It is highly resistant to alkaline metals, mild solvents that contain acid or oxygen, and brake fluid that is not based on mineral oil, for example.

EPDM is available in hardnesses from 25° to 95° Shore A. For profiles a combination of hard/soft is also possible: Hard as the mounting carrier for the entire profile and soft for the sealing function. For molded part production EPDM is also used in a solid composite with plastics as substitution for rubber-metal parts.

Depending on the type of cross-linking, sulfur cross-linking, or peroxide cross-linking, approvals in accordance with KTW (drinking water), UL94, FVMSS 302, and in accordance with many manufacturer-specific regulations are possible.

    • EPDM sulfur cross-linked: Reasonably priced material for normal use; depending on the mixture   in the temperature range between -30°C and +120°C
    • EPDM peroxide cross-linked: For hot water, steam, alcohols, engine coolants, organic and inorganic acids and bases in the temperature range from -40°C to +150°C

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