Harvesters: Background innovations in rubber and synthetics

The efficiency and reliability of harvesters are the basis of a good harvest. Along with efficiency, the focus is increasingly on environmental sustainability. You don’t always see innovations in harvesters at first glance, but they show up directly in their use on the fields. We supply important components and assemblies which are used by leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in original equipment for combine harvesters or mowers:

  • Rubber roller conditioners ensure that green cuttings dry out better.
  • Plant-specific rod filter belts with rubberised carriers handle fruits and vegetables gently during the harvest.
  • Our Silentium drive with rubber fabric nubbed belts makes harvesters significantly quieter. Synthetic mouldings with specific properties replace steel parts in harvesters such as, for example, in diggers.
  • Profiled roller elements allow careful processing of leguminous plants and herb rich feed.
  • Innovative conveyor systems based on new rubber fabric belts, such as our conveyor belts with carrier rollers, transport the crop safely and without damage. 
  • High strength round bale compressor belts are used in modern hay, straw and silage baling. The hay harvest is thus more efficient.
  • Drive rollers for the bale chamber and baling drums ensure optimum compression of straw and silage. 
Genuine innovations are often achieved in the internally installed components of these agricultural machines through materials expertise and specific product know-how in the synthetics and rubber fields. This is because only the correct mixture of materials and specially designed processing during the production phase guarantee the resistance of components and complex assemblies to chemical influences on the crop, whilst at the same time ensuring reliable use under varying climatic conditions. We combine light synthetic material with elastic rubber: innovative components are thus created which precisely fit rigidity, notch-tensile strength and elasticity together in a practical manner for every application. Rubber mouldings and synthetic solutions are ever more frequently replacing heavy and inflexible steel parts in current machines.  


We know the requirements of agriculture through direct collaboration with harvester manufacturers, and by accepting projects for the development of prototypes. In this way, real advantages are being created for agricultural machinery manufacturers through a development partnership with Jäger.

Product development for harvesters

A farmer needs harvesters which work reliably, carefully and efficiently on his land and with his crop in the short harvest season time window.

We are therefore developing assemblies and components from rubber and synthetic materials. Their durability and flexibility make it possible to use them when they are needed.  The harvest has to be brought in quickly, and to be carefully processed and transported.    

The assemblies we have developed for harvesters contribute to the reliability of the machines, for example through particular resistance to abrasion. In collaboration with agricultural machinery manufacturers, we are developing individual prototypes which are fully tailored to the specific requirements of manufacturers and end users. Testing procedures at Jäger simulate their operation, and thus reduce the need for field tests. Valuable time is thus also saved in the development of new harvesters.

Jäger’s added-value concept: Integrated individual development for a long product lifecycle for agricultural machines

In Jäger’s value-added concept, the constituent service components complement each other in a comprehensive package individually tailored to the customer: customer-specific advice and early integration into our customers’ development teams is the basis of individual solutions for harvesters. We use all opportunities for process optimisation by means of efficient project management.  Suppliers too are intelligently involved from the start, with high transparency and cost control.  

In the new or further development of harvesters we not only pay attention to the original product itself, but also include the processes of its manufacture, use, maintenance and recycling. Replacement and installation time for the assemblies which we supply is thus much reduced.

In collaboration with the harvester manufacturer, we are developing and testing individual new components made from rubber and synthetic materials on the basis of end user requirements. We are here using our extensive experience in order to expand the manufacturer’s expertise in certain areas, and to reduce development time through constant availability and the use of in-house material analyses, test rigs and production solutions. In doing so we offer our customers comprehensive advice and support, as well as outstanding service from first contact to the use of the components in the fields.

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