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Economic considerations, safety requirements, legal requirements and the desire for optimal power utilization are included as selection criteria in our delivery proposal.

Process belts
Process belts

Profiled rubber process belts

The cost-effective transportation of different kinds of products constantly calls for new and innovative developments and improvements to existing systems. The best possible adaptation to the prevailing operating conditions and processes in industry, mechanical and plant engineering are essential here.

Special flight and cam profiles ensure that products are conveyed without any losses. They can be made with narrow tolerances from vulcanising and plastic injection moulding tools. Customised hole patterns open up numerous possibilities for further processing methods.

Plastic processing belts

Conveyor and processing belts are usually made of several layers, the tensile strength is ensured by synthetic fabric. Tissue associated with layers of thermoplastic materials. Material, thickness and texture of the transport side depend on the function of the tape.

The deck coverings consist mainly of materials such as TPU, TPO, PVC, elastomer-like materials, PU or fabric are coated. The running side usually consists of fabric which is often impregnated with a thermoplastic material or extremely wear-resistant polyurethane, which ensures a low and constant coefficient of friction. There are also fabric for the backing side that hold low-noise characteristics.