Rubber profiles

Rubber profiles
Rubber profiles


Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH develops custom-made geometries made of rubber, plastics and TPE:

  • Solid profiles made of one material
  • Duplex profiles made of several materials and of different hardness
  • Sponge or soft rubber profiles
  • Metal clamping or edge protection profiles
  • Laminated or flocked profiles

Dynamically stressed gaskets we calculate the necessary pressure forces and selectively adjust them by different material combinations (i.e. Duplex), cavities or foam structures.

Grey rubber profile
Grey rubber profile


Profiles are produced as endless units by extrusion. In order to improve the handling and the further processing we offer various possibilities of refinement:

  • Easier handling of small elements through kiss cutting up to the liner and delivery on spools
  • Clear labeling of the components through multi-color liner and printing
  • Partial notch and exact cutting to length to realize tight bending of circumferential seals
  • Welding of thermoplastic and TPE profiles to molded parts
  • Bonding with cyanoacrylate
  • Heat vulcanization of edges to molded parts
  • Functional surfaces through flocking and anti-friction coating

Laminating bonding systems

In order to simplify assembling processes for our customers we can equip profiles with simple, self-adhesive assembly aids. These cold applied adhesive tapes serve, for example, as transport lock. However, they are no lasting fixation.

By using with heat activated adhesive systems profiles can be fastened permanently and process reliable on request. Thus, grooves are not necessary.

Production technology

  • Conventional autoclave manufacturing and curing,
  • Salt bath vulcanization,
  • Ultra high frequency vulcanization,
  • IR-shock vulcanization.