Plastic profiles

Plastic profiles
Plastic profiles

The good properties of the plastics allow a very wide range of applications. These non-metallic materials , of which here mainly the thermoplastics are addressed, there are special properties that can be obtained just as in metal alloys by certain additives. Compared to conventional materials, plastics offer the advantage that you are easy to shape , have a low weight, can be dyed any color , have a high chemical resistance and good electrical properties.

Plastics have a lower strength and a significantly lower dimensional stability and heat resistancethen metal, they have a high thermal expansion and occasionally tend to deform. Therefore, an accurate knowledge of the Operating conditions and the desired functions required to select the material.

We will advise you in the selection of the material and in the functional and suitable for plastic design of the profile for your application.


  • Plastic: PVC , PE, PA , PP and others
  • Thermoplastic elastomers : TPE , TPE -O , TPE -U and others

Production technology

  • Extrusion and Co-Extrusion