Plastic molded parts

Plastic molded parts
Plastic molded parts

Molded parts made of plastics

Molded parts made of plastic isolate, decorate, connect and stiffen. Due to their specific properties like low weight, good corrosion resistance, high chemical resistance and electrically adjustable features plastic molded parts increasingly replace components made of metallic materials. In addition, they offer a great range of shape. By adding further ingredients to the plastic matrix its material properties can intentionally be modified:

  • Rubber-like using elastomer compounds (TPE)
  • Electrically conductive by adding metal fillings or other compounds
  • Mechanically reinforced by adding glass fibre, glass
Plastic molded parts
Plastic molded parts

Simultaneous development

  • The supplier market provides a wide range of engineering plastics in a reproducible quality. It is essential for a reliable process produced plastic molding therefore are suitable for plastics constructions of the component itself, the tool structure and reproducible process control.
  • The parallel development of component and tool default and sink marks. The use of simulation software for FEM strength calculations (Marc) and to represent the mold filling behavior (mold-flow) ensures the structural stability of the assemblies and later in the production for secure processes.

Production technology

  • injection molding, blow molding, foam, thermoforming


  • Thermoplastics: ABS, PVC, PE, PP, PA, POM, etc.
  • Thermoplastic Rubber: TPE, TPE-O, TPE-U, etc.