Supplier Management

Supplier Integration

Supplemental to our own manufacturing capabilities, we employ a high-quality, proven supplier management system.

Our suppliers are involved in our development process. They provide us with a continuous flow of new options for improving products and production. We help our partners optimize their internal processes, thereby lowering costs across the entire supply chain. Our approximately 400 supply partners are qualified and audited regularly. Also, our customers can integrate suppliers from their own supply chain into our supplier systems.

We have access to a wide variety of production technology due to many years of cooperation with our supply partners.

Procurement Bundling 

Our customers also profit from our procurement process since Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff can bundle their requirements, and processing costs. Administration and financing advantages result from our direct relations with preferred customer suppliers, supplemented by our own suppliers.

Market Overview

Our procurement experts are thoroughly familiar with the market. A cost-efficient global supplier base and our close cooperation with purchasers enhances savings potential. This always involves a transparent dialog with the customer in order to guarantee the best part at the optimum price at the optimum manufacturing location.

Strategic Partnership

We can support your company to concentrate on your main business, by saving resources mostly needed for less important tasks. Outsourcing of procurement processes has a lot of quality advantages. Our position in the supply chain ensures that we are always work with partners whose technologies are State-of-the-art and guarantee the use of the most modern technologies. Thus, tasks can be done much more efficiently and in higher quality.

Furthermore, strategic partnerships can open up new business opportunities.