Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Mechanical engineering: Production in all industries depends on reliable materials

Today, mechanical engineering requires materials and devices with highly flexible properties. No matter whether it’s components for industrial companies, commercial vehicle segments, companies in the food industry, agricultural technology, chemical engineering or laboratory technology. Universal materials are in demand for insulation, sealing and damping. High-quality rubber and plastic components have become established over the years. In an increasingly networked and globalised world, our core competencies as a supplier include customer- and cost-oriented production with maximum efficiency and low energy consumption, while largely avoiding plastic waste.

As a manufacturer, we offer rubber and plastic components for mechanical engineering, plant construction, production engineering and automation technology. We cover the entire range of polymers, thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers. They are extremely wear-resistant and resistant to chemicals. We supply individual profile geometries as well as heavy-duty hoses, membranes and stamped parts made of all common sealing materials for almost all applications. Our product range includes the following products:

  • Moulded plastic parts
  • Cover gaskets
  • Rubber seals
  • Moulded rubber parts
  • Seals made of plastic
  • Pump membranes
  • Plastic claddings
  • Sealing rubber
  • Hollow chamber profiles
  • Centring rings
  • Rubber-metal compounds
  • Rubber membrane
  • Thermoformed parts
  • Rubber stoppers
  • Gasket material
  • Valve diaphragms
  • Centring rings
  • Plastic sheets
  • Foils
  • Boiler gaskets
  • Lids
  • Round cords

For all parts, the high quality of the material and professional processing are decisive; even under high pressure, even the smallest bore must be precise. All moulded articles, injection moulded parts and turned parts are tailored to the customer's application requirements in product development. The comprehensive expertise and excellent know-how of our engineers keep us up to date. On the basis of decades of tradition, we are also one step ahead in development. Experienced handling of materials and an experienced eye for practical requirements as well as sensible modular systems are the basic prerequisites for sustainable solutions. We supply products for mechanical engineering that meet the highest requirements. The challenges we have mastered, such as that of a thin-walled tubular membrane, are just one of many examples of success.

The rubber qualities are convincing thanks to the material mixture adapted to the respective requirements with the correct Shore hardness. These end products are therefore durable and guarantee efficient processes in technology, mechanics of the machines and constructions even at different temperatures or according to the required pressure elasticity. Thanks to our in-house development laboratory, we are able to optimise material mixtures and toolmaking in each case. Among other things, we use injection moulding and blow moulding processes as well as rotary moulds, and we work with thermoforming tools and press systems.

We cooperate closely and in trust with the manufacturers of machine tools and other companies involved in mechanical engineering and metal forming. We are very familiar with the industry and its challenges. Equally important is the permanent insight into the development of machines for vulcanisation, manufacturing and production in plastics technology. This is the best foundation to develop promising technologies and materials for the future and to produce the best rubber and plastic parts for the construction of machines.

Innovations in mechanical engineering are often made of rubber and plastic

The mechanical engineering industry is facing great challenges in these years. The world is moving closer together, companies are cooperating across national borders, companies have factories and branches on other continents. This means: Machines and all related parts must function in a wide variety of environments and be both extremely durable and extremely flexible. Cost-effective production and reliable quality management are therefore top priorities.

Especially the components that the layman can hardly see in machines at first glance are often the decisive ones. And it is not uncommon for precisely these parts to be made of the universal materials rubber or plastic. Progress makes it necessary to react quickly to changes - again and again solutions for tomorrow's problems have to be found today.

As a strong partner for the mechanical engineering industry, we offer a wide and comprehensive range of services wherever important rubber and plastic parts are needed for machines. Our goal is individual, effective and efficient solutions for our customers.

Individual solutions and products for greater efficiency and effectiveness

The added-value concept of Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH comprises a concept individually tailored to the customer and, on request, also as a complete service which, in addition to the components, also comprises numerous other different service modules. The central element of this value-added concept is above all an individual consultation with the customer, starting with the selection of the moulding compound and the process sequence for each component. Thanks to sophisticated project management, our specialists maintain direct contact with the development department of the mechanical engineering companies that purchase our rubber and plastic elements, thus ensuring close cooperation.

The “family business” philosophy also motivates the company-wide approach to creating competitive advantages, not just for the business itself, but also for customers and suppliers. Process-oriented project management allows short development and production times - in the production of prototypes, small series or serial parts, if required, as well as with corresponding quantity scales in the calculation. We offer our customers materials, components and groups, custom-made products optimally developed for the respective process and, if required, the appropriate logistics and an e-business concept for fast reaction times in day-to-day business. This also includes supplier management, based on a cooperative collaboration that has grown over many years. With the help of specialized providers, we assume a cross-sectional function in the supply chain with access to state-of-the-art technology. Strategic partnerships also open up new fields of business.

The development of new products is a continuous process. Safety and sustainability are right at the top of our agenda and are thus passed on directly to our customers. Since efficiency and effectiveness are also very important to us, we are constantly working on the further development of our products. Our production materials include natural and synthetic rubber, silicone (liquid silicone) and polymer materials.

These have to withstand permanent stress and thus meet the requirements of different industries. These requirements include oil resistance, chemical resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, water resistance and pressure elasticity. During development, our in-house development laboratory works closely with the German Institute for Rubber Technology, also located in Hanover, and sets standards. The portfolio includes all forms of cellular rubber (natural rubber, EPDM, chloroprene rubber and nitrile rubber). All the special properties required by the customer are regularly tested and checked by our specialists using, among other things, high-quality measuring instruments.

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