Seed drill innovation

Seed Drill
Seed Drill

Correct dispensing is what counts

Innovations for seed drills are in the detail. With new ideas and based on its experience with rubber and plastics, Jäger develops products and components for modern agriculture and thus improves the everyday life of farmers.

For the ongoing development of seed drills, it is important to refine the sowing and cultivation of the cereals. Too many seeds at one point are just as undesirable as too much clear space.

Exchangeable inserts to match the seeds

Jäger has developed improved exchangeable rubber inserts for the automatic dispensing unit. In the unit, the seeds are dispensed correctly by means of rotors. The individual rotors have the same internal design as the connection to the drive shaft. On the outside, they are adapted in size and shape to the specific seeds, making the inserts easy to exchange. Contractors and farmers need this option of quick replacement on site so that the machines can be converted for different appli-cations and have a long service life.

Individual development for dispensing discs: Environmental conditions require special rubber compounds

In cooperation with the seed drill manufacturer, Jäger develops the dispensing wheels to meet the specific chemical and climatic requirements. Sowing at ten degrees outdoor temperature may require a different rubber compound than sowing in a hot environment. The rubber can be customised by selecting the compound mixture. Here Jäger can rely on its wealth of experience from the development of rubber and plastic products. The company has sophisticated testing methods to identify the most suitable rubber compound for the application.

The seeds are usually delivered with an appropriate addition of fertiliser. The fertilising of the seeding is hereby completed. In the selection of materials, Jäger makes sure that the fertiliser, which is chemically aggressive, behaves neutrally in relation to the polymer mixture of the rotors used. Another important criterion is the abrasion resistance of the compound, because customers demand long service life. Here Jäger can benefit from a wealth of experience, since many rubber compounds have already been optimised for durability in agricultural applications.

Floppy tyres as pressure rollers in continuous operation

To prevent the seeds from lying open in the furrows, seed drills use floppy tyres as pressure rollers. The number of floppy tyres depends on the number of rows sown. Jäger manufactures assemblies consisting of high-strength rubber and highly resistant plastic rims. Due to the well thought-out design, any penetration of soil into the floppy tyres is prevented.

The floppy tyres have heavy-duty ball bearings. Lip seals and dust caps provide optimum protection against penetration of dirt or dust.

Seed Drill

Rubber dampers reduce vibrations in seed drills

Another innovation in seed drills are the rubber dampers, which are used in variety of applications. When the prongs travel through the soil, they generate considerable vibrations. To prevent these vibrations from impacting the entire machine, the structure is mounted with rubber dampers. This allows a large portion of the vibrations to be absorbed by the rubber. The result is improved smoothness of operation and a lower load on the entire machine.

Jäger is improving agricultural machinery worldwide with customised developments. Due to the company’s material expertise, their agricultural technology can be used in all climatic zones and for any application.


Our Whitepaper shows how rubber and plastic products from Jäger help to meet today’s agricultur-al challenges. Using practical examples, it shows how developments of products and solutions from Jäger can improve harvesting and sowing machines, and how development partnerships with agri-cultural machinery manufacturers can be optimised.

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