Hose assembly in Hildesheim

Hose and armature technology
Hose and armature technology

As a manufacturer of rubber and plastic articles with a 70-year corporate history, the company is active with a constantly growing base of regular customers in the area of hose and armature technology.

The extensive range of complete hose lines covers the ever-increasing and varied application areas and industries. Due to this growth in recent years the assembly facility in Braunschweig has reached its capacity limits; this has impacted flexibility relative to the customer.

In order to position itself long-term on the market, the decision was made to move the hose assembly operation to Hildesheim, where the Jäger Group already has a production facility. Through this measure we have provided a capacity expansion that is having a positive effect on our flexibility in the fast-paced retail business.

The new facilities enable us to integrate armatures and hoses with diameters greater than 300 mm and to store the armatures. If needed the armatures are mounted through deep injection, fast binding or by bolting reuseable shells and threaded sleeve connections.

We ensure process reliability for complex hose lines, through continuous process monitoring and optimization, as well as through further development of the existing assembly tools and machines.

Moving the hose assembly operation enables Jäger to continuously improve and adapt to market conditions.