Hose assemblies

Hose assemblies
Hose assemblies

Broad standard range

Hoses made of rubber, plastics and metal shall be flexible, elastic, bendable, abrasion resistant, vacuum- and pressureresistant as well as mechanical, thermal and chemical resistant. Hoses have a complex technical structure that consists of outer layer, stiffeners and inner core.

Our range of industrial hoses extends from simple water hoses to chemical hoses and metal-covered high pressure hoses. Cooperating with our customers we develop individual hoses and hose assemblies for:

  • Electrode cooling for electric arc furnaces
  • Heated hoses for two-component adhesives
  • Sterile hoses for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Heat protection hoses for electrical and hydraulic lines
  • hose assemblies with leak free and non-drip couplings

Various connecting elements

Flexible hoses only work correctly in combination with the proper fitting. We give advice to our customers concerning the appropriate combination of connecting parts, flanges and blocking elements. Our wide range of fittings offers the right solution for every application and connection.

Tailor-made hose assemblies

Assembling of hoses and fittings into a functional unit that matches the application: This is our strength. We provide all required connecting parts, cut hoses to suitable length and install it to a complete line system. According to customer specifications we individually check and document the operating pressure of every hose assembly.

Mandrel heated molded hoses

Tight bending radii and limited space require pre-bent molded hoses which are fabricated by heated mandrels. Upon customer request we develop hoses of every length and diameter. Via injection molding turn-offs are vulcanized to molded part.


With our modern manufacturing facilities we produce PTFE-hoses in diverse variants. Besides smooth and corrugated hose assemblies we also offer hose assemblies with cores that cover the fitting (shaped PTFE-flare for standard sealings). Special solutions for vacuum applications, electrically conducting versions and antistatic PTFE-cores build our core product range in the branches medical technology, chemical and food industry.

Operating instruction (German)

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Installation instructions (German)

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