SIGMA Transport System

SIGMA Transport System

Sigma material handling hose is a flexible modular system developed for easy integration into existing installations. Since the setting up of the Sigma system does not need much time, unnecessary downtimes are avoided and thus costs are reduced.

The metallic flange couplings are reusable. Required hose lengths can be cut on site. Noise from dry goods transmitted through steel pipes can be significantly reduced when converting to the SIGMA system.

The energy absorbing characteristics of the rubber tube gratly reduces noise levels - this is especially so on indoor applications where noise is retained within the building. In order to significantly extend service life the hose can be rotated along it`s axis, by loosening the flange bolts. Especially with dry media it is benefitial on bends, where the hose is subject to high levels of abrasion.


SIGMA -FS 3310

 SIGMA -FS 3310

SIGMA -FS 3320

SIGMA -FS 3320



Hydraulic transport
of abrasive material

 gypsum, ashes, bauxite,
corundum, dolomite, ores, feldspar, waste glass, wood chips, industrial waste, coal, etc. 

Pneumatic transport
of abrasive material

cement, sand, phosphates, quartz, dolomite, glass splinters, dry mixed animal food, grain, etc. 


Temperature range: 

  -35°C / + 70°C



NR, light tone, wear resistant and elastic, non conductive

NR/BR, black, antistatic, abrasion resistant



Textile wrapped, zinc plated steel wire helix



CR, black, corrugated, resistant to abrasion, oil,
weather and sea water, cloth impression, electrically conductive


NR: Natural Rubber,
BR: Butyl Rubber,
CR: Chlorobutadiene Rubber


Datasheet Sigma Transport System

Download (PDF, 235 KB)

Handling guidlines for Sigma transport System

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