Punched Parts and Assembling

Punched Parts and Assembling
Punched Parts and Assembling

Processing of planar semi-finished products

Our wide range of plats and mats include all usual qualities of rubber and plastics as well as temperature resistant sealing and isolation materials, which meet certain requirements concerning:

  • Oil, acid and alkaline resistance
  • Reaction in high and low temperatures
  • UV resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Flammability
  • Gas emission performance

Besides standardized designs (striae, naps) we also offer customized surface patterns. In addition to massive materials we use porous materials like cellular rubber, sponge rubber, polyethylene foam and foamed silicone for applications in the field of seals.


In order to simplify the components’ handling and to reduce assembling processes we refine our products by

  • Lamination of foils
  • Lamination of adhesive systems
  • Perforating multi-layer release tongues
  • Printing
  • Acquisition of assembly processes


  • Plats made of every usual rubber compounds and semi-finished plastics products
  • Isolation mats
  • Composites and non-metal materials
  • High temperature materials
  • Design mats et al

Production technology

Our production plants are highly automated and constructed for producing medium size series:

  • Punching up to 200t pressure
  • Water jet cutting
  • Strip cutting
  • Cutting off rolls and tapes
  • Sawing and cutting
  • Plotting

The numerous different materials and the sealings’ great variety in dimension and quantity require specific production facilities. Therefore, we purposefully cooperate with strategic supplying partners, who complement our own production in projects with small numbers and a high share of manual work.