High-performance sealants

Braided Packings
Braided Packings

Braided Packings

Braided Packagings for different applications in different version:

  • PFTE:Highest thermal and chemical resistance due to 100 % pure PTFE yarns, also available impregnated or with incorporated graphite
  • Carbon/GraphiteHigh-performance packings made of expanded pure graphite strips and pure carbon fibre yarn
  • Glass:Textured glass fiber yarns treated with PTFE dispersion or graphite powder
  • PTFE/Aramid:A combination of the excellent chemical and thermal resistance of PTFE with the pressure and extrusion resistance of Aramid.
  • Aramid:packs of high-quality aramid yarns from staple fibres, for difficult applications in connection with high pressure, abrasive or crystallizing media, too large gaps, etc.
  • Various combinations of ramie and acrylic fibres, polyimide yarns and novoloids

Fields of application and industries:

Mechanical engineering, chemistry, metalworking and processing industry, tool and mould making, foundries.